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A message from our Deputy Member of Parliament, Batool

Hi everyone, my name is Batool Butt and I’m the Deputy Member of Youth Parliament. A member and deputy member of Youth Parliament work with MPs, service providers and decision makers in order to present the views of the youth to them. We meet regularly to hold debates and plan campaigns, both locally and nationally. 

Our first campaign we’ve been working on is “Protect Our Future.” We have both hosted Climate Change conventions and attended conventions that discuss the ways we can be more environmentally friendly as a town. Moreover, we have attended Corporate Parenting Board meetings and met many members of the council, in order to get them on board with the initiatives that we’re doing. Currently, we are working on launching a Middlesbrough Youth Council, in which we will hopefully releasing application forms very soon. 

Our next project will be working on improving Mental Health facilities and raising awareness on ways we can support each other in these unprecedented times. I look forward on working with Muskaan, the Member of Youth Parliament on this crucial project.