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About us

In Middlesbrough Children’s Services our Mission is to show Middlesbrough Children they Matter. In 2020 Middlesbrough staff and young people came together to develop a new vision to support children and families across Middlesbrough.


Our mission is to show Middlesbrough Children they Matter

We spent 3 months researching how to apply the vision asking one simple question: How can we communicate to children that they matter? This research informed how we embedded the Middlesbrough Children Matter campaign into children’s services and how we would to work to do this.

Our Priorities


Making Middlesbrough a place that children are proud to live in.


Providing services that are fit for children who will grow to serve Middlesbrough.


Making Middlesbrough a community that children are proud of.

Family and Relationships

We value childhood and dedicate time to create and promote experiences that enable children to have the childhood all children deserve.


We strive to develop our workforce who visit and build relationships with children and families because they want to, not just because they have to.


We will work to increase the quality of life for children and families in Middlesbrough by ensuring they have access to the health and wellbeing services they need.

Culture and Society

We believe we can redefine the narrative of Middlesbrough and communicate a positive perception of our town on a national basis.

Communication and Connectivity

We will create an environment where children can express themselves and communicate with us.

Learn and Achieve

We want to improve the access to education, employment and training opportunities for young people so they can achieve their academic and vocational potential.


We know that children are the future of Middlesbrough and champion an ethos that is proactive about their development.

Our logo

Where it all started

The logo of Middlesbrough Children Matter started with young people, we worked with 5 youth forums to develop 16 initial concepts for the logo and these went through 3 rounds of revisions until we only had 2 logos remaining.

The final logos were sent out to a staff vote (which received 293 votes) and decided the winning logo that represents Middlesbrough Children Matter.

About us

Who we worked with

Social Workers

Senior Leadership

Education Professionals

Edge of Care

Skating illustration
Bringing young people together

Young people's advisory group

We asked young people from this group the same question but a little differently: How can we communicate to you that you matter to us? The feedback was powerful and moving. We listened and asked our children and young people to make some really important decisions in our Middlesbrough Children Matter Campaign, including feel and colour scheme.