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April Middlesbrough Youth Council Updates from Emma!

Hi everyone! I’m Emma and I’m a member of Middlesbrough Youth Council! 

During the last meeting, we discussed a number of issues, which all members who attended agreed to be very important. Firstly, we discussed the issues around the expenses of public travel for young people in the Middlesbrough area (but also across the nation!). It is clear that the majority of youths have at some point missed out on both educational and social opportunities due to travel expenses. Secondly, we spoke about our concerns for the environment and the significant impact single use plastic has on our planet. All members who attended agreed that reducing our plastic usage is a very important step into helping our planet. Finally, all members who attended raised our worries about the current process regarding exams and grades due to covid. We believe that students sitting external exams have not been treated fairly and have suffered due to the poor management of exams (e.g., teacher assessed grades, regular ‘mock’ exams). Most members shared their experiences of the current situation and said they have felt very stressed and unmotivated due to the authorities’ poor handling of students!  

Overall, a very successful meeting! It’s so lovely to see everyone! There was lots of good conversation about serious issues – but lots of fun too! 🙂