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Things to do

Middlesbrough has loads of entertainment options to offer - including live music and comedy stars, big events, gaming and diverse festivals like Orange Pip Market.

We want the young people in our town to know what's going on, and how they can take part.

We've listed some of our amazing venues - and there's some of the big events on offer this summer too.

Gaming at the next level

If you want to have fun, then look no further than Level X.

It's a huge indoor family entertainment centre at Captain Cook Square in the town centre.

It features the first interactive, indoor, electric go-karting track in the UK which has power-ups and virtual ‘weapons’ to slow down your opponents. Think Mario Kart, but in real life!

Electronic crazy golf, retro arcade games, pool tables, twelve lanes of bowling and a virtual reality arena with state-of-the-art kit are also available.

Bumper cars, karaoke pods, cyber darts and more arcade games fill the rest of the venue.

Gamers will also be looking forward to a brand new gaming and e-sports venue, called The Wired Lobby, which is set to open next door along with some cool new restaurants.

You can book Level X by visiting its website.

Our amazing parks

Middlesbrough has some of the most beautiful green spaces you could wish for.

The stunning Stewart Park covers 120 acres of beautiful woodland, lakes and open space. It has children's play areas, two cafes, a museum and hundreds of gorgeous, mature trees to enjoy.

Albert Park is close to Middlesbrough town centre. If you're in town, you can take a ten minute walk towards Linthorpe to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There are beautiful trees, tennis courts, play areas, a roller-blading rink and a lake where you can fish or use pedalos.

Teesaurus Park is brilliant - it's almost hidden on the Riverside Industrial Estate, near the River Tees. It has a slide and zipwire, but it's the dinosaurs that are worth going for. Brightly coloured, full-size metal dinosaur models are dotted around the park. See which ones you can spot.

Centre Square is in the town centre, right next to the Town Hall and the Central Library. You can just hang out there if you like, but there are often events - like Orange Pip Market or our free Christmas events - held on there.

And don't forget about Newham Grange Farm, in Coulby Newham. It has lots of farmyard animals, and at some times of the year you're allowed to pet and help feed some of them. It also has lovely walks and play areas.

Find even more great spaces to visit at We are Middlesbrough.

Museums, arts and culture - and most of it's free!

The Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (Mima) is a huge art space in the town centre. It has large galleries with some famous modern art, but also has community events and items from the Middlesbrough Collection - some of those items are famous pieces of art which connect to our town.

If you're into art in Middlesbrough, you're in luck. There's also spaces like Pineapple Black, which has all sorts of cool exhibitions in a former clothes shop in the Hill Street Centre. Then there's The Auxiliary, behind Middlesbrough Railway Station, which runs Middlesbrough Art Weekender and Sonic Arts Week. In the town centre, there's Navigator North which hosts lots of pop-up art spaces in empty shops in Hill Street Centre.

Near Mima, there's Middlesbrough Library which is open to everyone. It has small community events, you can borrow books or even book some time to learn about the history of our area in the stunning reference library.

Across Centre Square is Middlesbrough Town Hall which has lots of events like music and comedy - many of which you have to pay for - but sometimes, it holds tours of the building which lets you explore areas like the old courtroom, police cells and fire station which aren't normally seen by the public.

The Dorman Museum is further up Linthorpe Road, near Albert Park, and has lots of fascinating exhibitions which change regularly. It also has a permanent exhibition telling the story of Middlesbrough as a town. It's free to enter, but you have to sometimes pay to see some exhibitions.

More art, culture and entertainment here.

Events coming soon

Orange Pip

Orange Pip Market is back for the last weekend of the year on Saturday September 30.

It's a free event that's held in Middlesbrough town centre in most months throughout the summer.

The next event is being held at Centre Square, the big green space near the Town Hall.

It's completely free to go along and you can buy delicious food and crafts, or just enjoy the atmosphere and take part in free activities and listen to music.

Find out more about Orange Pip on the We are Middlesbrough website
Middlesbrough Art Week

Middlesbrough Art Week has so many different free events for you to go and experience.

The sixth edition - the event now lasts all week, rather than just for a weekend.
More than 80 artists will be showing their work as part of the event. You will have chance to visit some new venues, meet the artists themselves and there are a lot of events just for young people.

You can see a sample of the Art Week programme on the event's website.
Lego exhibition

Lego is one of the world's most popular toys - small children, teenagers and adults all love creating their own worlds with the tiny bricks.

This exhibition - Brick by Brick at the Dorman Museum on Linthorpe Road - showcases the work of international artists who have been inspired by the small plastic bricks.

It has a range of different Lego displays as well as a graffiti wall, a build table and fun Lego themed games.

To find out more and book tickets, visit We are Middlesbrough