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Your Future Matters

Practical advice on working and learning in Middlesbrough.

Opportunities for everyone

GCSE or A-Level results not what you wanted? Don't worry.
Apprenticeship or college course not for you? You're not alone.
Regardless of what has happened before in education or work this does not define your future. There are so many opportunities available to young people in Middlesbrough - you just need to know where to find them!

In Middlesbrough we are lucky.
We have state of the art colleges and facilities offering a vast range of courses giving you the qualifications you need for work or further education.
We have a respected, successful university in the centre of town loved by both local and international students.
We have employers from lots of different industries who value and offer apprenticeships to our young people.
Whatever your interests and whatever your background, there is always opportunity for you in Middlesbrough.