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March Middlesbrough Youth Council updates from Muskaan!

Hi everyone! It’s our MYP, Muskaan! I’m the influencer for our blog this week so I’m sharing what we’re up to.

Last Thursday, the youth council and I had our fifth meeting. It was an amazing meeting as always! Shayne was our Chair for the session, Haider our Minute Taker and me, Muskaan as our Influencer (hence why I’m writing this up!) This role is to update all of our young people in Middlesbrough on what we accomplished in the meeting and what our next plans are. ?

We are currently focusing on creating a new curriculum for students in schools to teach them more about future adults skills, better sex education, relationships (with others and themselves), university/higher prospects and various other topics. To do this we are working with the ‘curriculum4life’ to help them make the presentations and workshops more tailored for what our young people are looking for.

In the meeting, we had a group discussion on how we would approach the business and give them our input. We also introduced a new idea called the ‘MYP Stamp of Approval’: a new incentive for businesses we work with to offer them our Youth Council approval. This will encourage services to work with us and also show young people which places that have had our stamp on them!

Also, we have super exciting news for member in our next meeting! Head back here next Thursday (25th) to hear all about it!