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National Care Leavers Week 2022

To celebrate ‘National Care Leavers week’, Pathways and our Participation Team hosted Halloween themed events for our care leavers, to come together, have fun and relax.

Care leavers enjoyed: pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, putting their hands in mystery boxes to guess the objects (lots of screams were heard- including the boys), completed a quiz about celebrity care leavers and listened to some classic Halloween tunes! They were given prizes of Halloween socks, Halloween tattoos and lots of chocolate and sweets. After each session the care leavers received an affirmation card from Pathways, with a lovely message about what they have achieved.

The final part of the celebration, care leavers were invited to an evening meal to celebrate everything they have accomplished, and a chance for us to show they how proud we are of them.

It’s been a lovely week, spending time with these amazing young people that have made us laugh A LOT! To all Middlesbrough Care Leavers, we are proud of you, and YOU MATTER!”