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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To show Middlesbrough Children that they Matter! Here are the 10 priorities for our work that help us fulfil our mission.

Making Middlesbrough a place that children are proud to live in.


We believe that our future and our town are dependent on our children and that their success relies on the support we provide them now to fulfil their potential and become leaders in the future. Our aim is to increase the life chances of young people by encouraging their ambitions and providing the learning and work opportunities that will help them build happy and healthy futures.

Providing services that are fit for the children who will grow to serve Middlesbrough.


We understand that young people in Middlesbrough are a part of our present and 100% of our future. We will work with local businesses to develop opportunities for the young people of Middlesbrough to ensure our town will have a thriving future. We value our workforce’s varied experience and different abilities and this reflects the diversity of the families we work with.

Seeing children and families as collaborators and not as clients.

Family and Relationships

We will provide children and families with the support and knowledge they need to be healthy and happy, starting with their basic needs, ensuring they have access to the right nutrition, a safe environment and appropriate services. We value childhood and dedicate time to create and promote experiences that enable children to have the childhood all children deserve.

Making Middlesbrough a community that children are proud to belong to.


Middlesbrough is abundant in pride, drive and determination to succeed beyond stigma or stereotypes: this is what creates our community. We recognise the importance of self-worth and our focus is to provide an environment where children grow up around people who inspire them to love themselves, be the best they can be and strive for their own ambitions.

Understanding our role is more than visiting children because we have to; we visit them because we want to.


We strive to develop our workforce who visit and build relationships with children and families because they want to, not just because they have to. We find the right balance between our moral and professional duty to support, ensuring we support children families in the right way by doing the right thing.

Providing services that are focused on developing happy and healthy communities for our children and families.


We will work to increase the quality of life for children and families in Middlesbrough by ensuring they have access to the health and wellbeing services they need. We will be proactive in promoting and role modelling a healthy lifestyle. We want children to recognise and communicate their achievements and have a positive outlook on their future.

Redefining the narrative of Middlesbrough.

Culture and Society

We believe we can redefine the narrative of Middlesbrough and communicate a positive perception of our town on a national basis. We will create an environment that people are proud to be a part of, one in which children and families matter. We will build the confidence of children and families, so that they are and feel part of the narrative.

Using the communication methods used by children.

Communication and Connectivity

We will create an environment where children can express themselves and communicate with us. Where they struggle to do so, we will support them and communicate and advocate on their behalf. We will enable children to be connected with those who they care about, whether that is digitally or physically.

Celebrating the achievements of children and being active participants in the attainment of them.

Learn and Achieve

We want to improve the access to education, employment and training opportunities for young people so they can achieve their academic and vocational potential. We believe to do this we need to create diverse opportunities in education, employment and training that will increase achievement and reduce deprivation within Middlesbrough.

Encouraging the ambition of our children and guiding them into the future they aspire to.


We know that children are the future of Middlesbrough and champion an ethos that is proactive about their development. We want children to be heading towards positive futures and being the leaders of our town.