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What do The School Readiness Team do?

Our team includes Children’s Centres, The Family Information Service, Early Years Support, Stainsby Nursery and Bright Stars Nursery.

What do Children's Centres do?

We provide lots of helpful information to support children’s learning and development to all families from pregnancy right up to their child’s 5th birthday. We deliver lots of activities either face to face in our centres, in family homes or virtually so that children start nursery and school with the skills they need to succeed. Click on the link below to register with us and a member of our team will contact you tell you more.

Click here to register

What does the Family Information Service do?

The Family Information Service provides information, advice and guidance on all family services currently available in Middlesbrough, including childcare, through the Family Service Directory.

We also have a Facebook Page to share lots of information and activities that can support children’s learning and development.

What is Early Years Support?

It's simple really, this is the support we provide to Early Years Settings in Middlesbrough so that they are able to meet Ofsted standards!

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What do Stainsby & Bright Stars Nursery do?

Stainsby Nursery offers flexible childcare for children from 6 weeks old. We also provide wrap around care and have an afterschool club.
Bright Stars Nursery offers childcare for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Find out more about our nurseries here