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Corporate Parenting

As part of our mission to show Middlesbrough Children that they Matter, we revisited the Corporate Parenting strategy that underpins our services, to ensure our foundations were strong and guiding principles were co-designed with young people and adults.

Setting up

Guiding principles

We set up six working groups, one for each guiding principle. These groups included leaders within social care, frontline staff and the participation team. We showed these groups these videos and asked, ‘what key messages are young people giving us here?’ These messages were the basis of our discussion in the working groups and from this we finalised the guiding principles.

About us

Guiding principles

As an example of this within our ‘Family and Friends’ guiding principle working group, young people made it clear to us that friends were as important as family. They went on to tell us that they didn’t feel that friends were considered enough in ‘contact orders’. Our working group recognised this important message and committed to ensuring that in care proceedings social workers will ensure friends are considered when contact arrangements are put in place.