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Hi everyone!

My name is Xavier Davies and I work in Middlesborough Council as an Apprentice Youth Training and Development Officer. My role is to have a look at training and make sure it is youth friendly, for example, I make sure staff don’t use acronyms that young people don’t understand.

This post is going to be an introduction. I am a care leaver formally with Middlesbrough and expressing my views and other young people’s wishes is something I’m really passionate about. Here is some more information about what I do, what my role is and what my day to day life is like as an apprentice.

So my day to say life is thinking of projects and looking at training and policies and procedures and making them youth friendly but also keeping young people voices at the center of every project or pieces of work that I do.

So this week I have talked to Laurie hunter who is a participation officer and she focus on keeping the voice of the child in everything she does, meanwhile we have been talking about blogging for young people and blogging for staff.

In terms of blogging for young people, we have talked about giving out recipes and then also how to batch cook and how to make a meal on a budget. We have also talked about social workers to do a video celebrating young people, and sharing their achievements.

What Project is Coming Up This Week?

The project coming in this week is that I am going to the Virtual School Meeting, where I’ll be having a look at virtual school to see what they do and then see how they perform in different areas. Then, we are able to give feedback of what is working well and what isn’t.

Upcoming Event for Young People

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Recipe for cheese scones!

Cheese scones recipe – BBC Food

See you soon!

Xavier Davies